Axion Shotz: Blog en-us (C) Axion Shotz (Axion Shotz) Wed, 05 Jul 2017 18:28:00 GMT Wed, 05 Jul 2017 18:28:00 GMT CHRISTIANS UNITED FOR ISRAEL was recently asked to photograph a Christians United for Israel event in Las Vegas.  There were many speakers on hand at this event.  The keynote speaker was Irving Roth who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII.  The mayor of Las Vegas and Senator Joe Heck spoke during the event. Another key speaker was Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel and the most highly decorated soldier in their history.  

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SUNSET NEWCOMERS TRACK MEET Today was the official start of the track and field season with the newcomers meet at Arbor View.  One of the challenges of the sprints is to very quickly determine who is in the lead, focus on them and get a few pictures.  I did miss a few.  Enjoy a few that I did get.

A photo finish in this one

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FLAG FOOTBALL I went out and covered some flag football for the NYS at Frias Park.  I ran into a few customers that have their athletes from the tackle leagues playing flag football in the spring.  Flag football is really fun.....I played a few years myself.  Enjoy a few pictures of the action. 


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BULLDOG GRAPPLER Getting 2015 started off right with some wresting.  I wanted to shoot some wrestling this.  I plan to show up at a couple more duel meets in the next couple of weeks.  I covered the BULLDOG GRAPPLER wrestling tournament this weekend at Centennial High.  I watched some really tough matches.......a small mistake in wresting can get you pinned.  I shot quite a few prelim matches and all of the finals.  

Enjoy a few:

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NJB WINTER LEAGUE 2014 I covered a few games with the NJB this morning.  This is always a great league to watch and photograph. I got the basketball fever Friday night when I took some shots at the Centennial High game.  Enjoy a few from today:


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NJB SUMMER LEAGUE Finally got a chance to get out to the courts and cover some basketball.  The NJB is a few weeks into their summer season.  This has always been a great league and some good folks running it. Anyway enjoy a couple of shots from the day.


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SOCCER IN HENDERSON I took a trip out to Henderson today for some soccer.  Sometimes with these little 6 to 8 year olds you can pick out a few that have some talent and that makes it fun to watch and photograph.  On another note it is also nice to photograph at the parks in Henderson.  They take good care of their parks and it makes my pictures look better.  Enjoy a few from today.

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SUMMER SPORTS I have been off doing some other things for awhile now.  This week I broke out the camera grabbed some sunscreen and cold water and shot some soccer.  The NYS has a summer league going on right now.  There was also some baseball going on nearby....have to get over there on another day.   Wasn't too hard to get into a groove and get some great pictures for the parents. 

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MIXED SPORTS DAY was hot out there on Saturday.  I was doing some team pictures and my flash overheated, that was the first time that ever happened. I just moved the kids around for some different light and kept shooting.  Got some great shots of the kids.  I went ahead and shot their game as well right after that.  A few weeks ago I was shooting a Ravens game for NYS and the Ravens also have teams in the NYFL.  One of the parents wanted pictures of their other athlete as well.  This was the first time I have been to All American Park since they put the new turf down.   That's where the heat was at.....that 100 degrees was even hotter coming off that turf. All the teams did a great job keeping the kids cool and hydrated during the game. 


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FOOTBALL AT MOJAVE Finally got a chance to get back out and cover a few football games this weekend.  A lot of sports going on right now.  The lacrosse leagues are finishing up with some playoffs on the way.  Spring basketball is just starting as well.  If you have haven't seen the few pictures I posted from a recent jazz festival be sure and check those out.  Anyway.....check out a few pics from this past weekend.



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BACK TO FOOTBALL After a couple weeks I final got to get back out on a Saturday for some football.  Covered a few NYS games at Mojave High School.  For whatever reason I don't catch too many of the middle school division, but I got in two of them.  Enjoy a few..................

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FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES: VEGAS STYLE I covered a Pee Wee game last night featuring the Gators and HC Cowboys.  It was a great game, the weather was great, field was in good condition.  Real nice uniforms were worn by both teams....they were looking good.  Here are a few shotz.

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THURSDAY NIGHT LACROSSE Covered another lacrosse game....third one this week. I really like the sunlight just before sundown.  Makes for some great pictures.  The action is constant in these games and I have been getting a lot of pictures in each game.  Here are a few. 


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Golden Light


One thing about the lacrosse games in the evening is the awesome golden light. 


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Goalie on the Loose


Big moment of the lacrosse game I covered.  The goalie taking the ball downfield and running players over on the way.


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SENIOR DAY Couldn't make it out for any sports over the weekend...but I did get to shoot a few senior portraits.  Fun to get out and do these from time to time






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SATURDAY LACROSSE I had a change of pace today, instead of covering football I shot some lacrosse over at the Viper Fields.  The Rough Riders played the Wranglers in two different divisions. Then there was High School game that featured Liberty against a real good Sky View team from Utah. 



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NYS FOOTBALL WEEK 2 What a great day for some football......the weather was beautiful.  I covered some games between the LV Cowboys and Panthers in three divisions at Legacy HS.  The school has taken good care of their field this year it was in great shape and looked good.  Great weather and great games.


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LACROSSE THURSDAY I covered some Lacrosse again......starting to get the hang of this game now.  I was on the team side of the field and found that they have a penalty box kind of like in hockey.  There was an illegal hit or contact and the guy had to spend 2 minutes in the penalty area.  Anyway, enjoys a few pictures from the game.  These were from the middle school division.


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NYS SPRING OPENING DAY Since it was opening day I decided to head on over the Ed Fountain Park.  I covered a few games, mostly matchups between the Ducks and Green Machine.  However there was a new team in the league that looked pretty good, the Ravens.  Ravens had some nice uniforms as well.  As usual I got a chance to meet some real nice people out there enjoying some football.  Anyway, enjoy a few pictures. 


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