Axion Shotz | About
Welcome to Axion Shotz Photograhy. My name is David Cook….the owner and photographer. I am a self taught photographer. I am a retired military veteran, I served for over 20 years in the US Air Force. I bought my first 35mm film camera while stationed in Okinawa, Japan many years ago and then upgraded it a few years later on a return assignment there.

As digital cameras became more popular (and affordable) I purchased one to capture my own kids while they were in sports. I actually got pretty good at it. After that first season I realized that it is very difficult to photograph your own children and still be able to enjoy the game. That is the inspiration that started Axion Shotz….for me to take the pictures so you can watch the game.

I have a good knowledge of sports to be able to get in the proper positions for great pictures. Growing up I played football, baseball, basketball and wrestled. I have played adult flag and tackle football while in the Air Force and also played softball for 30 years.

My motto: We do not remember days…we remember moments. One of my assistant coaches on a football team when I was growing up had a nice camera with a zoom lens and took some great photographs of the games. We purchased a few of those from him for a couple dollars or so and I still have those pictures. I don’t know the exact dates of the pictures but after all these years I can still tell you what happened in that game and name the other players. When you purchase my pictures I believe you are purchasing pictures that your athlete will always remember.

My company logo: When I first started Axion Shotz I needed a logo to go on the cards and website. I was messing around on the computer and getting pricing to have one made. My son, who enjoys drawing in his free time drew my logo for me. I thought that was very special for him to do that and I used it. I have a few new concepts for a logo I have been working on, but every time I say I want to change it my family won’t let me.
As I continue to grow and learn I have expanded services to include special events and portraits. I have done family photographs, prom pictures, birthday parties and military retirement ceremonies.